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In 2017, I promised myself: realistic and achievable reading goals. I started small, but of course I spiraled out of control once the end of January rolled around, because I'm weak. These were my final goals (100%, no more goals, I am at Max Reading Goals, and I'm gonna stick to it because I know Ira and Jenny will give me Looks):
  1. Read 110 items.
  2. Read 30 new women writers.
  3. Read 10 nonfiction titles.
  4. Space Opera Challenge: read 15 titles.
  5. Read 10 books I own purchased before January 1, 2017.
  6. Read 5% of my anticipated 2017 titles.
I use goals because I consider reading my main form of non-stressful entertainment, but I very easily fall into bad habits. Since I also treat reading like continuing education (sob, I would love to go back and finish my degree, damn you capitalism) having goals keeps me intellectually engaged with the form my reading takes. This way I'm not reading 89 books by white men and 3 books by anyone else all year. I'm doing great; it helps that several of my challenges overlap, too.

Read 110 items

According to Goodreads, I'm at 74/110, or 67%. That's pretty boss for it being May. This is largely because of my One Piece readalong. I'm reading the omnibus collections that compile three volumes in one. I'm only reading one volume at a time, because it's hard to do recaps/context on the massive collections—too much happens. But even without One Piece, I would still have 47/110, which is nothing to sneeze at this early in the year. Honestly, reading anything is good, any point in the year. We're busy people. Celebrate all your books! /disclaimer

Read 30 new women writers

I did this last year with a much higher goal: 100 (which I later changed to 50 after assessing my time). This year I decided to give myself a break (YES I KNOW) and set the goal at 30. I'm at 15/30, which I was shocked by when I confirmed my stats. It's not even June yet and I'm halfway done with this goal. SELF HIGH FIVE. The secondary part of this goal is to focus on women of color, and that's going well, too. My biggest problem with this challenge is that I keep discovering women writers I like, but they've written deep series and I'm tempted dive in for weeks at a time. On the plus side, now that I realize I'm actually ahead on this goal I can indulge in some of those series. ♥

cover for The Parable of the Sowercover for You Can't Touch My Haircover for Warchildcover for Six of Crowscover for Pandemic

Read 10 nonfiction titles

I got serious about my sleep hygiene again and started my habit of reading nonfiction for an hour each night before bed. Turns out, that means that the pages add up quick. My goal was for 10 and I have read 10! This goal is complete. I only DNFed one book after reading half of it. I'm amazed at myself. It's May. I'll still be reading nonfiction; maybe this year I'll get to have a legit Favorite Nonfiction section in my end of year wrap up.

Space Opera Challenge: read 15 titles

Alas, this is a goal where I fell down. I'm at 4/15. But! All is not lost. There are some other great space operas coming out later this year and I have several on my shelf, too. I can do it! \o/

Read 10 books I own purchased before January 1, 2017

...oops. 1/10, which is a shameful showing. I did this challenge specifically because I was caught up in the newness bug, the hype machine, the publicity gauntlet—whatever you call it, I was trapped. And I still am! I have the data the prove it on my TBR list. After I finish my last three library books (two in a series, one nonfiction), I'm switching over to my own titles. I'm aiming for improvement at mid-year.

Read 5% of my anticipated 2017 titles

This one is a goal I can't really assess until December, because the total number of books will go up over the year. I count "anticipated titles" as books I've included in a list of upcoming titles, talking about how EXCITED I am. There's no way I'm not doing more anticipated books posts in the summer/fall! I'M A SUCKER. I'm at 5/38 so far, although I DNFed one of them. Not bad considering my eyes are bigger than my available free time.

2017 Q1: Favorite Books

My highest rated books this quarter were all over the place. But they're all great. I'm already having an excellent literary year.

cover for Everfaircover for Six Wakescover for The Collapsing Empirecover for White Tearscover for The Lawrence Browne Affair

Date: 2017-05-01 10:23 pm (UTC)
mayakittenreads: (Default)
From: [personal profile] mayakittenreads
Woo! Go Renay!

I'm doing okay on my own reading goals. 38/95 overall. For my aim to read more items by non white authors that last year (when I read 4) I've read 2 so far, and to make sure I read items with LGBTI+ protagonists (no numeric goal as I've not tracked it before) I have also read 2. I don't have a specific female author target because I have always been women writer heavy.

I only realised at the beginning of last year how overly white my list was and this year how straight so yeah, very small targets but aiming for improvements every year.

Date: 2017-05-05 10:33 am (UTC)
mayakittenreads: (Default)
From: [personal profile] mayakittenreads
I've definitely found some brilliant nonwhite authors in the last couple of years, even if it hasn't been numerous yet - Nnedi Okorafor, plus some local Indigenous Australian writers in YA author Ambelin Kwaymullina & the poet Oodgeroo.


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