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Adventures Elsewhere collects our reviews, guest posts, articles, and other content we've spread across the Internet recently! See what we've been up in our other projects. :D


➝ I wrote two quick posts on my WorldCon experience, after the first day and a wrap-up post on the last night. I hope to share more details about some of the better panels later, because I learned some great things. See you in San Jose, 2018!


➝ In a total coincidence of timing, I reviewed Poisoned Blade by Kate Elliott for Barnes & Noble. Read it, it's ~great~.

Ana and I released two episodes of Fangirl Happy Hour in August!


  • Sneak Attack — They'd barely even finished when Noiz rolled over with a proposal. (DRAMAtical Murder, 407 words, Aoba/Noiz, NSFW)

  • Reaction Shot: Star Wars: The Force Awakens — In which I shriek a lot about The Force Awakens and how little I can deal with the combo that is Finn, Poe, Rey and BB-8.

  • Reaction Shot: Daredevil S01E01: "But seriously, gotta go bribe a cop." — I have started watching Daredevil! I sure do wish it was actually the super-powered lawyer show of my dreams and Foggy and Karen with the POV characters, but it's okay so far?

  • Standard Operating Procedure — "They're probably going to drop us back to cadets for this one, I'm pretty sure they don't let you graduate if you don't know not to set a base on fire while you're still inside (Final Fantasy VIII, 817 words, Seifer/Zell)


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