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Hello, friends! April was super busy: my partner and I took a trip to Portland, Oregon, to scope it out as a possible option for moving to so he can make more money as a programmer. Or, in other words, how scary would I find the city? How scary is driving there? How terrifying is it to ride trains and be around a lot of strangers? He'll survive just fine, but will my anxiety be cranked into overdrive? Turns out these are all not a problem. In fact, driving on highways there is like the traffic control people went, "How can we help people with driving anxiety? HOW ABOUT TRAFFIC LIGHTS FOR ON RAMPS?" It was magical. I'm still in awe. Plus, the trains are cool! Everything is labeled! There are helpful announcements! You can buy tickets without interacting with anyone!

Plus, there are bookstores and comic shops and I can get to them WITHOUT A CAR.


I was told by almost everyone to visit Powell's while I was there. Luckily, [ profile] rozurashii took me three times to two different locations, and was absolutely gleeful as I freaked out at A WHOLE BLOCK OF BOOKS and A HUGE WAL-MART SIZED-SPACE FULL OF BOOKS. I mean, I probably said, "There's so many books!" in a breathless, awed voice about 9,000 times. She was very patient with me and deserves lots of kudos.

I haven't read much because I caught a cold (I blame allergies + germs on planes, as I am a hermit at the best of times so my immune systems stinks) but I bought a ton of books and decided that sharing a list would be fine instead. While walking around Powell's, I finally got a glimpse at how other people in non-rural areas must have developed into readers confused by us hicks going "Women write SF???", with so many books by women writers at their fingertips. I saw books on the shelves there, hard copies, of books I would never see at the bookstores here unless Barnes & Noble suddenly agreed to stop giving Robert Jordan, George R.R. Martin, and Frank Herbert the majority of their SFF shelf space and acknowledged that POC existed. Seriously, does Martin really need three shelves? Can't you just put one of each out and keep the rest in the back? I mean...really....

I probably went overboard in the books I bought, but I couldn't resist scooping them all into my arms. By the time we left the first time I was sore, and the next day my arms hurt from carrying the books I had around the store. Going in, I was all, "I'm gonna be chill, not like one of the gaping tourists who staggers to the counter with $100 worth of books in an excited overload and gushes at the cashier."


Books I purchased at (both) Powell's:

We got off easy. It might have been worse; we even brought an extra carry-on bag just in case I went overboard. We didn't end up needing it, but our suitcase really benefitted from my years of Tetris. One day soon I'll live in this city and get to spend so much time in this bookstore. I can't wait. *___* Now the hardest choice I have is where to start with this super great list. Also, I have completely blown my book buying budget for the rest of 2016.

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