Jan. 21st, 2014

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Here at the Lady Business HQ, we love recommendations. The start of awards season is always wonderful for recommendations as creators and fans start talking about their work, recommending work by others, and celebrating all the cool stuff that happened in the last year. In 2014, for the first time, we're all taking part in The Hugo Awards together.

From [tumblr.com profile] minorearth:

Also, I encourage anyone who likes the SFF genre and has the money to spare to go buy a supporting membership to LonCon, this year’s WorldCon. It’s 25 pounds, or around $40US. What does a supporting membership get you? The ability to a) nominate works/authors/editors/artists/etc for the Hugos, b) receive an electronic bundle full of (most of) the finalists’ work, after finalists are announced, and c) vote for the Hugos. [...] But, before that, there’s the nominating process. If you buy a supporting membership by January 31st, you are eligible to nominate works/people for the Hugos. This is a great opportunity to perhaps suggest some more diverse nominees, from parts of the genre that aren’t always properly represented in the awards. I intend to nominate for the first time this year, and I encourage anyone else with the means to do so as well!

Although the Voter's Packet mentioned above is never guaranteed, it's been going strong the last few years thanks to the work of all the volunteers who work with creators/publishers to make it possible (really, thanks!), so we're definitely hopeful for it this time around, too.

This year to make things easier, we started with our Hugo Media Spreadsheet (feel free to add stuff! yes, especially if you're eligible, as we have come down on the Creator Promotion side of this year's Hugo debate) so we could help ourselves out with categories we're not experienced in, have trouble following due to the size/scope, or want to learn more about beyond our own perspectives.

Back in 2012, Renay said:

There’s no wrong way to participate. There’s no wrong way to be a fan. There’s space on that rocket for everyone, if we want to get all sappy about it, and the more diverse the participants engaging in this fan award are, the more it becomes an inclusive, representative award that’s going to reach more people and bring them into fandom. No, it will never be perfect; no popular award can be. But we can make it better with as many perspectives as possible.

If you have the means to and decide to join up as member of LonCon3 (join by the end of January!), let us know and come talk nomination recommendations with us. We're always happy to hear about media other people loved. Below is a collection of our initial nominees for various categories that we're excited to nominate and why; feel free to share yours with us.

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