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Adventures Elsewhere collects our reviews, guest posts, articles, and other content we've spread across the Internet recently! See what we've been up in our other projects. :D


I've been trying to make more use of Goodreads this year. In February I wrote a review of Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterley and Ms. Marvel, Vol. 6: Civil War II by G. Willow Wilson.

I brought back The Friendship Zone; a Tumblr project originally created by Renay, Ana and I, for Women's History Month 2017. I'll be highlighting the friendship between women by putting up a new, quick post each day in March.

I started a Letterboxd account where I fully intend to write short reviews of the films I see this year. Wish me luck (and follow me if you're on there).


My big accomplishment of the month was posting the long-delayed second part of my Dragon Age/Final Fantasy XII crossover, "Wardens of Ivalice". Part Two (of Three, I expect) is entitled "The Rising Mist" and is posted on AO3.


➝ I took part in a roundtable Women Write About Comics hosted! Part One: Pondering Pull Lists Part One: Why? What? Really? and Part Two: How long is your pull list? (Do you have one at all?)

I reviewed Hunter's Way by Gerri Hill for the Lesbrary.

➝ I have officially started doing transcripts for [personal profile] renay's podcast, Fangirl Happy Hour, so if you want to enjoy Ana and Renay taking over the world in text form the transcripts are here.


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